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Azure Static Web App how to add your root domain

Currently, the Azure Static Web App does not work with root domains. But there is way around this. You need to create a www subdomain to make www.ksemenenko.com and set it in Azure Static Web App. You need to set up a redirect with your domain name provider to https://www.ksemenenko.com. so if someone enters just http://ksemenenko.com they will be redirected to https://www.ksemenenko.com where your site is hosted....

February 8, 2021 ยท 1 min ยท ksemenenko

Github how to verify a domain

To verify a domain on Github, you need to add a DNS TXT record as in the image: But it is necessary to add not as indicated on the site, but like this: Host: _github-challenge-managed-code-hub TXT Value: 0000000000 that is, without the name of your domain....

February 8, 2021 ยท 1 min ยท ksemenenko